It’s in the Bag….

What is more important than putting together the perfect outfit?

Putting together the perfect outfit that is polished and functional.

I am always on the lookout for the perfect must-have pieces that help you deliver that modern, fashion-forward look and it just so happens that I have the purse for the woman that wants it all. Andrea’s Fashions is now carrying exclusive Thale Blanc’s La Pochette purse line by designer Deborah Sawaf; an innovative, organized solution that allows you to carry your cell phone and necessities without compromising style, luxury or taste.

What is La Pochette?

La Pochette is a cell phone holder, a wallet, a stylish purse and fashion statement all rolled into one.  With versatile carrying options La Pochettes can be worn around the waist, over the shoulder, across the body or as a clutch.

Perfect for women of all ages, La Pochette purses are ideal for the modern woman that does not want to sacrifice style for functionality. From the special occasion event to the business woman or stay-at-home mom on the go, there is a La Pochette purse to fit every woman and every occasion.

Not all La Pochette’s are created equally. These couture purses are available in quality suede, leather and exotics and each couture purse has its own personal flair with a variety of bows, tassels, charms and chains. Evening line purses or day-to-day purses can be individually tailored to your needs by purchasing more chains to add the style.

When putting together your next perfect outfit and accessories, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Your perfect special occasion gown, your day-to-day fashion wardrobe and now the La Pochette couture purse are now within your reach when you visit Andrea’s Fashions; the modern woman’s single destination for couture fashion.

Which is your favorite La Pochette?

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