A Queen for a Day

Life is not easy being a Queen.  Keeping a close watch on the Parliament and Prime Minister, passing UK laws and having to decide what to wear to the wedding of the century is a big responsibility.

Luckily, in addition to all the frills of being the woman in charge, being the Queen entitles you to your own personal assistant.  The formal assistant’s title; ‘PA, adviser and curator to HM The Queen’, in simple terms means that you are blessed with a personal couture fashion designer 24/7.

Personal Assistant title holder, Angela Kelly 58, has been dressing Queen Elizabeth II for years.  Considered The Queens closest confidant you can be assured that Angela Kelly’s original gowns will not be without close consideration into the Queen’s needs.  Kelly will be designing two outfits that The Queen will choose from on the day of the event.  As we wait in anticipation we can only assume that the Personal Assistant to the Queen will be delivering exceptional, stately gowns that personally tailor to The Queen’s tastes and needs.

What is the proper etiquette for the Mother of the Groom or technically in this case—the Grandmother of the Groom? Here are some Andrea’s Fashions tips for you and Angela Kelly (in case she needs it)

The acting Mother of the Groom (Grandmother, Stepmother, Queen…) holds one of the most important roles next to the bride and groom. Therefore the dress selection deserves as much attention as the rest of the wedding party.  Mother’s should look regal and elegant but should coordinate their attire with the overall look and feel of the wedding in regards to style and color.  Dresses must be formal but never more formal than the bride’s dress.  Traditionally mothers have worn neutral colors or a lighter shade of the bridesmaids but Andrea’s Fashions encourages mothers to explore the styles that compliment their figures and gravitate towards colors that are not washed-out but are elegant and stately. Most importantly don’t settle for the dress-off-the-hanger approach. A mother of the bride or groom deserves as much attention to detail as anyone else in the wedding party and their look should be tailored and polished.

The only rules that should never, ever be broken:

  1. Never wear white. No exceptions.
  2. Do not engage in any drastic personal appearance changes prior to the wedding without running it by the bride first. Yes, we are talking about you Camilla. (Tattoos, drastic hairstyle change, cosmetic surgery etc…)

 What do you think Queen Elizabeth II should wear on the day of the Royal Wedding?

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