Are Royalty Weddings Affected by the Recession?

In 1981, when Prince Charles married Diana Spencer the world watched an estimated $6.3 million dollar fairy tale wedding unfold.  With Royalty on the mind we wanted to see how the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding compared and if their wedding plans were being affected by the recession.

This is what we found:

  1. There is NO comparison; not even close.
  2. What recession?

The estimated, grand total for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton totals out at $34 Million dollars.

So what exactly does $34 million dollars cover? This is what our sources tell us (in order of importance):

Kate’s Perfect Dress: Fortunately not all traditions are awash when it comes to Royal Weddings.  In keeping with tradition, the only bill that will be footed by Kate’s parents will be Kate’s highly anticipated wedding dress.  Don’t think that this isn’t an investment in itself; Kate’s perfect wedding dress is estimated at $434,000.

Wedding Bands:  Royal Wedding Bands have been carved from a nugget of Welsh gold since 1923…making it one of the world’s most precious metals because if its rarity. Kate’s wedding band is estimated at $11,000.  Possibly in attempting to stay within a budget, Prince Williams will not be wearing a wedding band…saving the couple… $11,000.

Flowers- Decorating the Westminster Abbey’s chapel and the Buckingham palace estate rooms isn’t cheap. Flowers for the whole shebang are estimated at $800,000.

Food: Only the finest British foods are being served to the wedding guests including a towering fruit cake by famous pastry-chef Fiona Cairns.  At an estimated $250 per head, the guests will be well taken care of by the staff of 60 food-servers for around $150,000…gratuity not included.

Champagne: Toasting the new couple will be the theme of the day with $100 bottles of vintage Bollinger Champagne on hand for all guests. Bottoms up this will only cost around $60,000.

Accommodations: If there is one thing that a Queen knows how to do it is to be hospitable to future in-laws. Since Buckingham palaces 52 rooms are not enough to accommodate the masses, the Middletons will enjoy a three-night stay at Goring Hotel for a mere $202,000…give or take.

Honeymoon: Privacy is a must when marrying into Royalty and the only way to achieve this is to escape to a completely, private, tropical island in the Seychelles.  Don’t think that the honeymooners will be without luxury on this remote island. The couple will enjoy the entire 20-room Desroches Island Resort with rooms starting at a royal $1,238 per night.  This all-inclusive escape could be yours too for the discounted price of $175,000 (airfare not included).

Security: Police officers, military personnel and private body guards are all being paid double time on this named National holiday.  An estimated 1 million people will line the streets and another 2,000 plus guests will be in attendance—making that security-double-pay sound well-earned, it’s estimated $32 million will be spent on security.

Here’s the (34) Million dollar question:  If you had a $34 million dollar wedding what would be the most important component of the big day?

The perfect dress? Venue? Reception? Tell us what you think!

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