Camilla Goes a Tattoo Too Far

With the Royal Wedding just days away the pressure is on for everything to run royally smooth for Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s big day. This being said what would possess William’s step-mum Camilla Parker-Bowle to get a tattoo? On her finger?

Albeit temporary, with Camilla getting henna tattooed while on a three-day tour of Monaco, we have to speculate that perhaps she got her dates mixed up? Maybe she didn’t realize how close the wedding really was when she decided to take the Henna Plunge?

Sadly, it would appear this is not the case.

“This is going to look good for the wedding.” Camilla joked after she was told by the Monacan henna artist that the temporary tattoo art could last for up to several weeks.  No news on how the tattoo has been received by the Royal family but being accepted into the royal family as “the other woman” we can only hope that this will not result in a royal mess.

What do you think about the Royal Henna Tattoo? Do you think that this is Mother of the Groom protocol?

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