How Much For That Wedding in the Window?

The average wedding in the United States is now going for around $27,800, according to a recent wedding magazine study. Respectively, Southern California and metropolitan-based weddings, such as New York, are averaging a price tag of $40,000-$50,000.

Between the perfect dress, venues, food and beverage, flowers, accommodations, the honeymoon and everything in-between your perfect day is an investment that will last you a lifetime.  Of course being an average number this is including the higher-end wedding that ranges between $50,000-$150,000 and the budget-savvy that have the $10,000 wedding.  Geographical location can directly impact your bottom line; destination weddings, rural or metropolitan are all factors in the cost. Typically the more metropolitan or tropical the location the more you should plan to invest.

So who is to decide what is most important or should rank at the top of the wedding priority list?  What may be important to some brides may score low on the priority list for another bride.  This is exactly why listing your budget and your needs, in order of importance are the key in planning the perfect wedding– on any budget.

Personally, although I may be slightly impartial, the top of my “must-haves” or non-negotiables are– the perfect dress on my perfect day; followed by venue, flowers, reception and accommodations. Obviously there are many more wedding details but these are the absolutes that I could not live without.

For those that are more budget-oriented– how do you decide the order of importance when it comes to your wedding budget? Which are the “must-haves” or the “additionals” that you can or cannot do without?


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