Without This Ring…I Thee Wed…

By now I am sure you have heard: Prince Williams will not be wearing a wedding ring.

Buckingham Officials have confirmed that the young Prince, that appears to have it all, has nonchalantly stated that he will not be wearing a wedding ring—ever.

Prince William’s decision not to wear a wedding ring has caused uproar amongst the general public, social etiquette experts and I can only imagine the jewelry trade.

What is Prince William’s true motive behind this decision?

Is he tracing his roots back to since before WWII when men did not wear wedding rings?

Does he have pudgy fingers that makes wearing a ring uncomfortable?

One can only assume that he would have to go to the end of the world to find a person that didn’t know who he was– so slipping it off to go into the local pub trolling is probably not the answer either as to why he has chosen to go ring-free.

It would be interesting to find out what future wife, Kate Middleton, really feels about this decision.  The wedding ring is seen as a symbol of their unity while apart. Tradition states that a wedding band is regarded as a sign of “belonging” to each other I would only like to believe that Kate would want a sense of the mutual “ownership” after marrying the Prince.

Etiquette experts are crying that this is a red-flag of some sorts; that opting not to wear the wedding ring is opening up the door for Prince William to appear more “available” and “non-committed”.  However, with over two million people watching the union, who in their right mind would assume that Prince William is available?

So why is the world so desperately clinging to the wedding ring tradition?  Prince Williams and Kate Middleton have branded themselves as the modern-day royal couple.  They fell in love and had a long courtship that was never pre-arranged.  They are a young couple in love and ready to conquer the world.  Instead of reading into past traditions perhaps we should just keep an eye on the modern-day, tell-tale signs that the marriage is in crisis:  if young Will is seen philandering around the local pub, seen fancying a Camilla-like woman or if his Facebook status has suddenly changed to “single” then we should be worried.  In the meantime I think we should stop reading so heavily into his personal decision, sit back and watch the fairytale unfold

What are your thoughts on wearing a wedding ring? To ring or not to ring?

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