Always a Bridesmaid….?

I have seen a lot of bridesmaid dress mishaps in my day. I have also been a bridesmaid half a dozen times and have yet to wear the dress for any other occasion other than the actual wedding.  In fact an entire side of my closet is devoted to bridesmaid dresses.  These dresses remain on hangers, collecting dust and triggering guilt every time I think about giving them away and question if it is going against some unwritten bridal code to rid of the garments.  When the average person laughed their way through movie 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl I actually shed tears; namely when she showcased the Southern Belle hoop skirt— it evoked almost too much pain to even continue watching.

When did it become a tradition to make the bridesmaid dresses a horrible experience? Being a bridesmaid is symbolic of your relationship with the bride. Whether you are a family member or one of the closest friends shouldn’t the bridesmaid have the opportunity to feel beautiful too?

Couture, women’s fashion expert, Andrea’s Fashions, supports a couple of emerging trends that enable both the bride and her special guests to be happy:


Our first choice would be to choose the color of the dresses, but allow the bridesmaids to pick from a couple of styles.  Remember that bridesmaids come in all different shapes and sizes so look for styles that will be the most flattering and most importantly allow the experts to tailor the dress to each bridesmaid.  Also take into consideration the styles that will give the bridal party to possibly wear the dress again and not collect dust in the back of their closet.  When your bridesmaids are comfortable and feeling beautiful it will shine through on your big day making it a win-win for both the bride and bridesmaids.


Another alternative would be that you choose each individual style of the dress and then let them choose from a few colors.  Finding a style that works with everyone’s body type can be challenging but having everyone in your bridal party feeling comfortable is a reward in itself.

Whichever course you plan to take in dressing your wedding party, allowing your bridal party to show their individuality without imposing conflict on your wedding theme is compromise at its best.

What do you think? How do you compromise to make everyone in your bridal party happy? 

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