Everyone Knows…

It’s only been a week since the world watched in anticipation as the Royal Wedding fairytale unfolded.  An estimated 2 billion people watched the royal wedding.

2 billion. 

Why was the world so intrigued by this wedding?   Was it the fairytale-like prestige or that marriage transcends all cultures?  Possibly it is as simple and straightforward as this: everyone loves a wedding…


Wars have been fought and ended over two lovers.  Stories of star-crossed lovers have been passed down generation to generation. Fairytales are recited and “happily ever after endings” are still part of who we were, are or aspire to be. Being part of something special, watching two people in love, allows us to live vicariously through them, to be reminiscent of young love or to be hopeful of our own fairytale endings. There are very few things as pure and representative of promise and hope as two young people in love or as special as walking down the aisle or watching your loved ones walk down the aisle.


From ancient times to modern-day, from the African jungle to the biggest cities around the world “to wed” is a celebrated occasion.  Your wedding can have all the glamour and glitz and fairytale endings no matter what part of the world you may reside.  Weddings are a celebrated union of two people, two families, two tribes, two villages, and sometimes even two countries.  Marriage transcends cultures, it bridges tribes and villages and it is quite simply one of the few things that bind us all together as human beings.  No matter what corner of the world, what culture we come or who our prince or princess may be– every single culture shares one commonality: weddings.


I don’t think that the reason why we are fascinated by any wedding is so cut and dry.  I believe that amidst all the bad things in the world people still like to believe in all things good:  love, beauty and fairytales.  It doesn’t matter if you fought the urge to succumb to the Royal Wedding frenzy or fought your way to get your hands on the commemorative Royal Coffee Mug… I believe, in my heart of all hearts, that we all wish for that happily ever after ending that Kate and William represent. We believe in love and wanting to share our lifetime pledge to each other in front of our family and/or our friends.  Whether we are the bride, part of the bridal party, mother of the bride or one of the guests (give or take a few billion) everyone deserves a role in a fairytale wedding.  Whatever role you may play we are happy to be part of the love and joy. …whether you are Kate and Will or one of the mere two billion guests at the wedding—everyone knows that everyone loves a wedding.

You heard my takenow what do you think? Why is the world so fascinated by weddings?

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