Take it From a Guy: you don’t have to be uncomfortable to look beautiful!

Sure, there are attractive women wearing attractive clothing, and they do get noticed. But is that the only way to be beautiful? That dress may look good, but watching someone squirm all night and constantly reposition their clothing on their body is frankly quite distracting. And those high heels! You can barely walk in them, and also may be damaging your feet and ankles.

Why should a night out be so painful?

I assume you want guys to think you are beautiful, but I often think women are dressing for other women to notice them, rather than looking attractive to men.  For the most part, guys do not notice what you most obsess over: accessories like shoes and purses.  You may think we’re shallow, but we really can look past the clothes and would like to get to know the person. Are you really trying to meet shallow men anyway?

So how can you be beautiful without being uncomfortable?

1)      Have confidence:  no matter how much you spend or uncomfortable you make yourself, your clothes won’t make up for a lack of confidence. My advice is to pick clothing you are comfortable in and that is tailored to you and your style.  Whether it is day-to-day wear or a dress for that big party, clothing that fits will allow your confidence to shine through.  Most importantly, remember to relax and be your beautiful self – that’s what guys notice.

2)      Smile:  there is only one thing more beautiful on a woman than a smile (see #3 below). Please, wear something that makes you smile (not wince).

3)      Look directly at us with your eyes:  all women have beautiful eyes. You want a guy to think you’re beautiful? First of all, you’re a woman – you already are attractive to us. Look him in the eyes and make him feel like you’re really interested in what he’s saying.

That is beautiful!

So there you have it. This is just one guy who loves confident women who are comfortable in their own skin. What makes a woman beautiful to you?

About the Author:  J.S. currently resides in San Diego, California. He is a contributing writer at LMS Agency Inc., a sports enthusiast,  an athlete, a grade school teacher and a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy.  J.S. is our go-to on all topics that we are looking for a male’s prospective. He shoots straight from the hip and tells you how he thinks it is… from a guy’s prospective

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