5 Things to NEVER do at a Wedding…EVER

  1. Speak Now and Forever Hold Your Peace—pretty much a deal breaker (although I have always wanted to do it) if you get up and shout “don’t do it!” at a wedding. Although it may look like fun in the movies in reality this type of behavior could be devastating to all parties involved. Moral of the story—if you DO have something to say it should be brought up long before the actual moment when the wedding officiate says ‘speak now or forever hold your peace”.

  2. Picking, Poking or Sticking Your Finger in the Cake– maybe this sounds fun or maybe your sweet tooth has got such a hold on you that you can’t wait for the bride and groom to slice the cake but this is wrong, inappropriate and not to mention we don’t know where your hands have been; so keep them to yourself and out of the cake masterpiece.

  3. Don’t Dress Inappropriately:  Wearing white, over-dressing or under-dressing are all potential ways of upstaging the bride and should be avoided at all cost; no exceptions.  If you are unsure of your attire or what is age and occasion specific rely on experts to make sure you are looking your best but not at the expense of the bride’s feelings.

  4. Club Behavior at the Reception:  We do agree that weddings can be a great place to meet other singles but acting like you are in a club on a Friday night and acting like you are at your cousin’s wedding are two entirely different things.  Particular behavior to avoid would be anything involving the terms: dirty dancing, PDA, and any and all phrases that would involve calling out the words “shots!” or “come dance with me bartender”.

  5. Roasty Toasty- Maybe when you practiced your speech you though it would be OK to talk about the wild days of the bride and/or groom, previous boyfriends and girlfriends or that questionable Spring Break but as the saying goes: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (…and college, and parties and so on…). So be respectful, short, sweet and gracious when you give a toast and you can ensure the microphone will not be wrestled out of your hands.

The most important thing to remember about weddings is that they are a time to have fun, celebrate and create memories with family and friends that have graciously invited you to be part. So have fun but remember your Ps and Qs when attending your next wedding and you will surely be invited to attend future celebrations.

What behavior do you believe is inappropriate or should not be allowed at a wedding?

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