Andrea’s Fashions + Mothers of the Bride and Groom = Couture Fashion

Ask any mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom what they believe is the most important part of planning a Jewish Orthodox wedding and most likely you will never have two of the same answers. Even more so their answers will be lacking in what should be one the most important parts of the planning process and that is: what they are wearing to the big occasion?

Often the orchestrator behind the entire big day, mothers-of-the-bride and groom attire are sadly overlooked.  Every mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom wants to look and feel beautiful on their son or daughter’s big day so then why are they typically “settling” for styles that are not flattering or are out-dated? The same way that no two weddings are the same, no two mothers are the same nor have the same needs. In a sea of strapless, backless, shorter and more revealing dresses it has become increasingly more difficult to find a dress that is modest, appropriately tailored and the perfect dress for a Jewish Orthodox wedding. In the quest to find special occasion wear for weddings that traditionally requires appropriate coverage the unfortunate result is that Orthodox Jewish women have been limited when looking for modern, flattering, couture options.

Settling for mainstream wedding shops to “turn” a dream dress into a more modest, demure or Orthodox attire have forced mother’s to settle for dresses that do no suit them, make them look frumpy or even matronly. Unfortunately for a designer that has no Orthodox dress training, converting a strapless gown into an Orthodox gown equates to merely “adding” fabric to a dress by adding sleeves, lengthening the gown or placing fabric over the neckline only to have the alterations look out-of-place or inappropriately proportioned.

To save the headache and the heartache we recommend finding a couture fashion salon that specializes in Orthodox gowns for mothers of the bride and groom from around the world. With over 35 years of specialization in women’s couture fashion, Andrea’s Fashions of Beverly Hills provides modern-day mothers around the world with all the allure and elegance they are looking for while maintaining the coverage they desire. With their hand-picked and customized design solutions Andrea’s Fashions allows women of all ages and cultures to look glamorous, elegant and beautiful while maintaining coverage in modest, modern, couture special event attire.

With the experts at Andrea’s Fashions on your side we can help mothers-of-the-bride and mothers-of-the-groom find the dress that fits their needs and style without settling. This day would never be made possible without you…so let Andrea’s help you shine!


What has been your experience either as a mother or as a wedding attendee? Do you think that Mother’s are being overlooked?

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