Spanx Man!

 When talking about our unmentionables, the terms “body-shaping”, “firming” and “slimming” should not be limited to just women; men need some love too!

For all you men looking to polish off your look and  or build up your confidence Spanx has an entire line of men’s undershirts and underwear to firm, slim, tuck and improve your posture.

For all you ladies that are already Spanx enthusiasts–what do you think? Is this Father’s Day appropriate or is it like getting a non-requested thigh-master for your birthday from your boyfriend?

It may not be quite as bad as the thigh-master but her is our gift-giving advice:  unless requested by the receiving party or you are absolutely, 100% certain that the recipient would like Spanx we recommend you stick to neckties and cologne for Father’s Day.

However, if you are a male that is personally looking to slim down your every-day appearance, polish your look for your next special event or just try something new we recommend checking out the Spanx cotton compression undershirts and see if it is a good fit for you. In no time at all you will be looking and feeling like a million, trim and slim bucks.

No spanks necessary…Andrea’s Fashions is here to help everyone look and feel the best.

We wish you all a Happy (early) Father’s Day!

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