A Tough Tiara to Fill?

There were recent stories in the European press that Charlene Wittstock has gotten a case of cold feet after a fight with Prince Albert II.  Now before you call of your royal-celebration-party we are happy to say that there seems to be no trouble in paradise and that the couple is ready to say their royal “I do’s” today and celebrate their union all the way through the weekend.

But we have to ask ourselves— what would cause the press to believe that the wedding was off?

More so what exactly would have caused the presses’ alleged “cold feet” for Charlene Wittstock in her upcoming wedding to long-time bachelor Prince Albert II?

Our Thoughts….

The exciting event of getting married can be pretty nerve-racking for any bride-to-be let alone the pressure of being named Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco.  Being Her Serene Highness is not as easy as it may sound and Charlene will be taking on many official duties much like her British counterpart Kate Middleton.  Coupled with the pressures of being compared to iconic Grace Kelly and being scoffed at for marrying a long-time playboy would cause anyone to have jitters.

Whatever the case we are ecstatic that the alleged jitters have passed and that South African-raised Olympic swimmer Charlene will be marrying Albert today. Most importantly we are confident that she will be a stunning bride in her Georgio Armani dress; do not doubt for a split second that she will be a fabulous fit for that royal tiara (no matter what the European Press may be saying).

This much is True…..

We say with certainty that the buzz of Charlene and Albert’s wedding can be heard around the world.   This is by far the biggest event to hit Monaco since Grace Kelly mesmerized us with her glamorous antique lace gown and regal style.  For 30 years Monaco and the world have waited patiently for this moment.  We are happy to that the day is here and The Serene Highness will now show us how she will be a perfect fit for the tiara… jitters or no-jitters.

What do you think? Is Charlene Wittstock a good fit for the tiara?

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