Chucks To Change Into

Our brides are always asking us if we have any recommendations on shoes for her to change into during the reception at her wedding. It used to be that flip flops would be the way to go but luckily things have gotten a whole lot funkier and more fun.
Converse has an entire line of wedge sneakers. Some that would even compliment your wedding dress instead of killing the look completely. Double plus bonus. If you chose a sneaker with a wedge than you won’t have to worry about damaging your skirt while dancing because the height will be similar to your original wedding heels.

The amount of time a bride is on her feet should deserve a comfy pair of shoes for dancing even as a, just in case, option.
Yes. Even platform heels can get tiring after photos, a walk down the aisle, cocktail hour and all the rest that comes with your unforgettable wedding day.
So here are some fun and stylish options for the bride and her bridal party.
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