When Jane The Virgin Came To Andrea’s For The Bride

When the producers of Jane The Virgin first came to Andrea’s For The Bride we all knew who Jane was even though the show had not premiered yet. Her name and face were plastered all over every bus stop bench and billboard in the city.
So naturally, Carmen and Samantha ,were uber excited and honored for the CW to choose their bridal boutique a part from all others in LA.
When Rachel Sage Kunin, Jane’s costume directer, asked Samantha if there was a dress for Jane in store things were taken to another level and Jane the Virgin went full Andrea’s For the Bride in Season 1, Episode 4.

When it comes to styling a TV bride there are many important factors that one must account for.

First and foremost, the dress must be flattering on and looks on camera. Choosing a dress with lots of ornate embellishments or just some good old fashion sparkle. Anything to add depth to the gown. The more details for the camera to pick up the better.
Secondly, the dress has to fit the character’s personality, as well as, her body.
Thirdly, it needs to be a little different. How many TV Brides have we seen over the decades, thousands?
So choosing a dress that is slightly unique and different will make sure your TV Bride will stand out and be timeless.

Here are some photos of Jane in store with Stylist Samantha dressing her from Season 1 Episode 4. The episode where she finds out who her father is for the first time.

Samantha and Gina Rodriguez IMG_7147 IMG_7142 IMG_7140 IMG_7139 IMG_7137 IMG_7136 IMG_7135 IMG_7134 IMG_7129 IMG_7128 IMG_7122 IMG_3978 IMG_3958

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