Wonder Woman Inspirational Styled Photoshoot

I have always been a woman who believes in empowering other women. I was raised by a strong woman who taught me that a woman has many different roles in life and to try and choose just one would be limiting yourself.

So when styling brides I try to imagine the kind of bride I would want my future daughter to look up to. Someone strong, powerful, beautiful, and all knowing. A nurturer, teacher, good advice giver, someone warm, feminine, and romantic who is light at heart and has a fire for life.

This styled shoot with Matei Horvath Photography and the gorgeous Greek Goddess, Danielle Argyros I was allowed to combine my love for horses, nature, and fine french tulle.

We wanted to showcase Danielle’s. strong side and her soft romantic side.

Meg O’ Hare Beauty used her paint brush to transform our model from a warrior to a full blown princess with her amazing hair and make up techniques.

Wonder Woman For The Win. All For One, One For All.

Two Piece Slit Dress & Long Sleeve Silk Bridal Gown by Julie Vino Bridal.

Ballgown by Marchesa.



Bridal fashion shoot- Andrea’s Fashions



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